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Light in the Darkness
My Grandfather passed away this last week and the day of the burial ceremony was looking pretty bleak and rainy but the clouds parted for us and the sun shone through in time for some light in the darkness of the day.
Adventures in my Life:
Last weekend my wife and I went camping with her side of the family up at McCall, ID. 

We had a great time mountain biking, swimming in the lake, and just sitting around the campfire telling stories. There is some really beautiful country up there and I only was able to capture a small part of it on Film and Digital. I’ll be putting up more photos from the trip.

Here’s one to start with though. Before we left we ran up to this lookout and I took this panorama of Payette Lake. This is over 30 photos stitched together. 

This is the second Panorama I’ve gone on a weekend away. I’ve decided I’m now going to do one everywhere I visit!
So, I did a few things that are bit different from my regular work this wekend while camping. First up, 24 photos stitched together in photoshop, create one massive panorama of a beautiful part southern Idaho call The City of Rocks.