Braden Storrs: Photo | Video

An Evening With Jenika’s Lens Photography:

When two creative minds come together you know something good is coming and well, it’s here! My wife and I spent an evening with Jenika’s Lens Photography for a maternity session and from that came some gorgeous photos and my newest Braden Storrs: Photo|Video video, check it out!

Shot on the Canon 60D

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AIS, Canon 24-105L IS USM 

Edited in Final Cut Pro X

Maternity: Anna Has Officially Reached 40 Weeks

Well our baby is officially due. The due date is today 3/20/12. So unless he comes today we have ourselves a past due Baby Boy Storrs. Looks like we’re back to waiting and while we are waiting take a look at the photo shoot my very lovely wife Anna and I did to commemorate the event!

My amazing wife Anna posed for a spur of the moment maternity portrait. She’s 30 weeks along!