Braden Storrs: Photo | Video

An Evening With Jenika’s Lens Photography:

When two creative minds come together you know something good is coming and well, it’s here! My wife and I spent an evening with Jenika’s Lens Photography for a maternity session and from that came some gorgeous photos and my newest Braden Storrs: Photo|Video video, check it out!

Shot on the Canon 60D

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AIS, Canon 24-105L IS USM 

Edited in Final Cut Pro X

Canon Unveils the 5D Mark III, to ship out at the end of the month!

The LONG awaited Canon 5D mark III has arrived with HUGELY improved ISO performance (which is saying something when considering how good the 5D Mark II was), a vastly improved 61 point autofocus system (Autofocus was one of te 5D Mark II’s biggest shortcomings), new great color metering sensor, a new processor, new 60P shooting in video mode, new, more efficient, video formats, and a new 22.3MP Sensor. Color, detail, moire, rolling shutter, all have been improved. From various articles and videos I’ve seen this appears to be a very solid camera that will prove to be a valuable tool for photographers (especially event/wedding/portrait photographers) and videographers.

I personally use the Canon 60D which is an amazing tool in itself BUT, the 5D Mark III has stepped up to a whole new level of performance and when possible so will I.

Follow the link above to get the whole run down of the camera. Enjoy!