Braden Storrs: Photo | Video

Amanda and Mathew

Krista and Cordell: Together Forever

Two best friends have taken each other by the hand and started in on an eternity long journey of love, learning, amd family. Congratulations Krista and Cordell!

Adventures in my Life:
Last weekend my wife and I went camping with her side of the family up at McCall, ID. 

We had a great time mountain biking, swimming in the lake, and just sitting around the campfire telling stories. There is some really beautiful country up there and I only was able to capture a small part of it on Film and Digital. I’ll be putting up more photos from the trip.

Here’s one to start with though. Before we left we ran up to this lookout and I took this panorama of Payette Lake. This is over 30 photos stitched together. 

This is the second Panorama I’ve gone on a weekend away. I’ve decided I’m now going to do one everywhere I visit!

Jake + Mallory = Adventure

In less then two weeks these two awesome people will be married and off onto a journey of a lifetime.  

They’ve know each other forever though. Mallory was Jake’s “best friend’s sister”. Jake was back visiting and they went on an impromptu date. Mallory wasn’t sure about him though and made sure she had her gun stashed in her purse, just in case… She’s just that kind of awesome. But, as it turns out, he’s an alright kind of guy, so she kept him around ;)  

Congratulations Jake and Mallory!

Sneak Peak number two from my latest engagement session with the very fun future Mr. and Mrs. Linderman!
Jake and Mallory…. and the Farm. 
Sneak Peak from tonight’s Engagement Session! More to come!
So I did my first test of the “Brenizer Method”. This was just for fun but the initial results look pretty cool. This was actually 57 photos combined into one.
So, I did a few things that are bit different from my regular work this wekend while camping. First up, 24 photos stitched together in photoshop, create one massive panorama of a beautiful part southern Idaho call The City of Rocks. 

An Evening With Jenika’s Lens Photography:

When two creative minds come together you know something good is coming and well, it’s here! My wife and I spent an evening with Jenika’s Lens Photography for a maternity session and from that came some gorgeous photos and my newest Braden Storrs: Photo|Video video, check it out!

Shot on the Canon 60D

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AIS, Canon 24-105L IS USM 

Edited in Final Cut Pro X

Ricky: Senior Portrait

Congrats Ricky on your High School Graduation!

My Boy Terran:
Sneak peak at one of the shots of our awesome new boy Terran from our stay at the hospital.

DEVIN- Part 2

So pick up 3 months later, Devin is back in town and everyones together for a family event. So what do we do? Grab the camera! Like I said last time, the camera always comes out sooner than later it seems when Devin is around!


Every once in a while I get to spend some time with my beautiful sister Devin and the camera always comes out sooner than later it seems!


There are very few moments so special, so precious as when a child enters the world. For the parents it means a whole new life full of challenges but great rewards. The child is completely innocent and helpless as it enters our world, dependent on its parents for every need. There is a connection between parent and child that a camera cannot capture fully. 

You can watch the video I prepared of their special day here: