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Editor and DP Demo Reel 2011-12

Braden Storrs

Editor, DP

[FRAMED] Pratik Naik: High End Photo Retouching

Here is high end Photo Retoucher Pratik Naik's [Framed] Show episode. In just the few days since the episode aired his awesome retouching skills have been viewed around the world and he has had many requests to teach seminars worldwide! He is a great artist and great guy. I’m glad I was able to edit this episode for him. Check it out!

Final Cut Pro X Is Now All Grown Up!!! Watch out Adobe!

A new update came out yesterday, Final Cut Pro X is now all grown up! All the pro features that were lacking with FCPX’s release have been added and improved when compared to FCP7. It’s now ready to play with the big boys. It’s freakin awesome! :-)