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Introducing PORTRAIT.

A new short film series where I will take you into the world around us. Together we can explore the beauties of nature, the rhythm of cities, and the boundless inspiration life offers. Come with us for each episode and give yourself a chance to reflect, relax, and to dream once more.

In this 1st Episode I explore the Boise river in the Eagle, ID area.

Canon 60D, T2i

24-105mm L f/4 EF, 50mm f/1.4 EF, 10-22mm EF-S 

Final Cut Pro X

Light in the Darkness
My Grandfather passed away this last week and the day of the burial ceremony was looking pretty bleak and rainy but the clouds parted for us and the sun shone through in time for some light in the darkness of the day.

Maternity: Anna Has Officially Reached 40 Weeks

Well our baby is officially due. The due date is today 3/20/12. So unless he comes today we have ourselves a past due Baby Boy Storrs. Looks like we’re back to waiting and while we are waiting take a look at the photo shoot my very lovely wife Anna and I did to commemorate the event!

There are very few moments so special, so precious as when a child enters the world. For the parents it means a whole new life full of challenges but great rewards. The child is completely innocent and helpless as it enters our world, dependent on its parents for every need. There is a connection between parent and child that a camera cannot capture fully.

More photos from the day can be viewed here:

I wasn’t planning on making a video going into that day, it just happened. I’m glad I did and so are they.

Filmed with Canon 60D - Canon 50mm f/1.8

Photos shot with Canon 60D and 35mm Nikon F3HP - 50mm Nikkor f/1.4 Ai-s

Edited in Adobe Lightroom 3 and Final Cut Pro X.

Music (Per their Request): 

1. Annie Lennox - Into The West
2. The Rose
3. Disney- Baby Mine
4. Stock music

Here’s a sneak Peak at my current project… My sister Beautiful!
Behind the scenes of today’s Video Shoot with Anna and Jenika of Jenika’s Lens Photography. She’s good, I’ll tell ya what!

Sunset with Superheros: The Bare Family

How do you sum up so much childhood energy into one photo session? Well you can’t, but you can sure try! And here’s what you get. The beautiful park we walked through complimented the beautiful family I was with. There are few things that aid the imagination of a child like the beauty of nature. Thanks for a memorable walk through the park.

Music Video Director: Kavan aka Jr Kc 

When you have a dream AND go for it, there isn’t much that can stand in your way. Kavan is passionate about making music videos and does so regularly. In 2012 he is going all out with a mission to make 50 music videos this year! He’s already well on his way. Keep up with him and his work here:

Kinzey: Newborn :)

What is my favorite kind of photo session? One where love is the motivating factor for the shoot. So trust me when I say, these two parents LOVE their little girl! It was an honor to preserve some of the earliest moments of this beautiful little girl’s life.

So when I heard about the Lunar Eclipse that would happen last saturday morning I had to capture it! I set up my camera and got these time lapsed photos. Hope you enjoy! Braden Storrs Creative: Photo and Video presents, Time Lapse: Total Lunar Eclipse December 10th, 2011.


Click on the link for the HD Version!

PORTRAIT Episode 2!!

Settled at the base of the foothills leading into the Boise mountain range the Idaho Botanical Garden offers a vast expanse of pathways navigating beautiful flower gardens and other plant life. But as the cold advances on the Treasure Valley and the holidays come around, the gardens of life become gardens of light. Christmas Lights! 

I had the pleasure the shoot and edit this one with MediaPoint Studios!