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Braden Storrs

Editor, DP

[FRAMED] Pratik Naik: High End Photo Retouching

Here is high end Photo Retoucher Pratik Naik's [Framed] Show episode. In just the few days since the episode aired his awesome retouching skills have been viewed around the world and he has had many requests to teach seminars worldwide! He is a great artist and great guy. I’m glad I was able to edit this episode for him. Check it out!

Episode 4 of the [Framed] Show!

I posted a screenshot of my Final Cut Pro X project timeline a couple weeks ago and I had a lot of requests for the final video. So here it is! The video is now live on our [F] Network for photographers. It is Episode 4 of [Framed] for Season 3. With [Framed] we go, interview a photographer(s), learn about them, where they came from, their approach to their art, business, etc. We also go through a photo shoot with them. The [Framed] episodes can range from education to inspiration. We also have three other shows, Film, Photo Pro, and Lit Up.

We are LIVE! [Framed] Show Season 3 Premiere is here! Sit back watch this sit down with Jeremy Cowart, enjoy life, and then go out and give back! I have the pleasure to work and edit with the amazing [Framed] team from MediaPoint Studios everyday and you’ll see some of my work coming out later this season! Enjoy! 

[FRAMED] Episode 4: Tanja Lippert Wedding Photography

One of my favorite episodes that I edited together from last season of the [Framed] Show! It’s a fun one. That photographer/makeup team is awesome. We bring you [Framed] from MediaPoint Studios (formerly B Roll Production Company). I mainly work as an video editor there. Check it!!

A Glance back at [Framed] Show Season 1 & 2!

[Framed] Show for photographers is amazing. To put it simply. So much work goes into bringing everyone such and amazing and FREE show!

They travel around and meet with many talented and inspirational photographers who share their talent, knowledge, and inspiration with all of us. How often do you get a chance to sit down and talk to your favorite photographer and have them answer the questions, “What got you into photography? What is your inspiration? What equipment/techniques do you use?” , among many others. They’ve also already completed 2 seasons and are preparing for a third (It’s going to be amazing by the way)! FOLLOW THE LINK ABOVE TO WATCH SEASON 2. Or follow this link: for season 1. 


I do have a confession to make though, I’m kind of partial to them. I actually work at MediaPoint Studios, the studio that created [Framed]. I am a video editor there and was heavily involved in the last season. Shhhhh!! Don’t tell anyone!